PR22 Power Rake

The PR22 operates as a power rake, seeder, or power rake with rear catcher bag to collect thatch. The modular design provides the option of changing reels quickly and easily. Units are available with or without a reel assembly. Combining the base platform with any reel and/or kit (seeder or bagger), offers versatility for every application. The PR22 with a bagger makes dethatching and clean-up simple and efficient. The 5 bushel bag is quickly removed and emptied.

Working width: 22 inch
Standard blade type: Flail blade
Engine manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton, Honda
Power: 5.5 HP
Options: Bagger, Seeder



Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton, Honda
Power 5.5 HP

Drive System

Drive System V-Belt Drive


Frame Construction Welded Steel


Working width 22 inch
Standard blade type Flail blade
Working depth Adjustable Depth Control With Lever Mechanism
Delta Reel Assembly Optional
Spring Tine Assemby Optional
Bagger Optional
Seeder Optional


Product size, LxWxH 26¾ x 28 x 40
Weight 144 lbs

Part Numbers

Article Number Article Description
968999422 PR22B5FA (5.5 HP B&S)
968999423 PR22B5FBA (5.5 HP B&S w/Bag)
968999427 PR22H5FA (5.5 HP Honda)
968999428 PR22H5BFA (5.5 HP Honda w/bag)